59 Thoughts A Blogger Has Every Day


1. I’m just going to check Twitter before I get out of bed.

2. Oh and Facebook.

3. I wonder if anyone’s liked my amazing Instagram photo from last night? I’ll take a peek. Then I’m definitely getting out of bed.

4. Oh God I need a cup of tea. Bugger, all my pretty mugs are in the dishwasher, I can’t Instagram an old tatty mug.

5. Phew! I spy an Orla Kiely-esque mug at the back of the cupboard. That’s a relief.

6. I wish my kitchen was tidy so I didn’t have to take Instagram photos in this one corner of the room.

7. I wish my kitchen was brighter and didn’t have spotlights – soooo annoying for casting shadows when taking photos.

8. Bugger. My tea has gone cold because I took so long to faff around, taking photos of it.

9. Ooh my hair’s looking quite good today. Going to take a mirror selfie.

10. How do I angle my phone so that I get all of me in shot?

11. Ooh no, my chin looks huge in that pic. Delete. Try again.

12. Should I look at myself, the camera lens or the screen on my phone? Which looks the least vain / pretentious?

13. I’ll look at my feet. Looks totally casual and off-the-cuff then.

14. Is it normal to spend 20 minutes and 68 attempts at taking the perfect selfie?

15. Argh – how is my phone already down to 30% battery? I’ve hardly used it this morning.

16. Right, popping to the shops and then head to a cafe to work from. Ooh, that brick wall would be an awesome backdrop for some photos.

17. Wish I lived in East London where there are loads of amazing brightly coloured walls and street art.

18. Maybe I should become a street artist and graffiti some walls in this area.

19. I’m sure the local council wouldn’t mind.

20. Ooh, the tiled flooring in this cafe is gorgeous.

21. Just going to take some photos of my feet.

22. Why is that old guy staring at me? I’m just taking photos of my feet.

23. I’ll take some of my whole outfit, while I’m here.

24. How do I angle it, so that I get my whole outfit in?…

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Loving Your Community & The Aviva Community Fund


Since becoming a mum, I’ve started to really value my local community. A few years ago, I’d leave my house at 8am to jump on a train to Central London where my office was, and I wouldn’t return home til 7.30pm – or later if I went out in Soho for a few cheeky tipples. And when I did come home, as obvious as it sounds, I’d be in my house, curtains closed and watching TV or eating dinner (probably both at the same time, knowing me). I didn’t actually mix with anyone in my community – I rarely even spoke to my neighbours except for popping around to their house, if they’d taken in a parcel that had been delivered while I was at work. Even at the weekends, I’d jump in the car to head off somewhere to meet friends or family and I’d rarely stay local.

But since having my daughter, all that has changed. Starting with making friends with my NCT class and socialising with them locally and my year of maternity leave where I was forced to discover where various church halls were so that we could attend baby classes, I started a journey of exploring my local area… and falling in love with it. As my daughter started nursery and I got to know other parents, and as I met local friends through blogging, I realised how fab it is to be walking down the high street and bump into people you know. How useful it is to know people who can give you tips, tell you about things happening locally, and (yep, call me shallow) fill you in on local gossip. I also started shopping more locally and popping into our nearby cafe for lunch more often and getting to know the lovely owner. I know this will only increase, as the four-year-old starts school in September and no doubt will join Rainbows or local dance classes.

There’s no denying – life is better when you take an active part in your local community. Which is why I’m really thrilled to be involved with the Aviva Community Fund as a member of the ACF Team – where anyone can have the chance to secure funding for a local community group or charity that’s important to them….

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Because I’m Happy #2

Deliciously Ella recipe book

This week, the sunshine is making everyone happy – it’s actually impossible to feel crappy when it’s gorgeous sunshine. In fact, those very first few days of proper sun seem to put a spell on us all. Today, as I was driving along, other drivers were stopping to let me through, waving and smiling as they went. That never happens on a normal here in London! So continuing my new regular series, here’s what else has been making me happy…

Going on a health kick. We did it. We became those people who make smoothies every morning. Thanks to our new purchase – a NutriBullet – we are now really into having a healthy start to the day. My favourite smoothie so far is: spinach, banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almond butter, coconut water, oats and chia seeds. But we’re going to try doing a full on green smoothie soon. I also bought the Deliciously Ella book and plan to try a few new dinner recipes this week. Wish me luck!


Nights out with lovely people. Last week, I met up with some lovely blogger friends for dinner. Over pasta and pizza, we chatted and caught up with each other – it was such a nice evening. The following night, I was invited by River Island to a dinner at the Riding House Cafe – one of my top restaurants in London. And I was able to chat to some of my favourite bloggers and fashion editors over beef wellington and red velvet cake. Mmm!



Getting wine delivered. I often wish that there was an actual wine (and chocolate) home delivery service – like a takeaway but just for wine and sweets. It would be so popular with parents, at home with sleeping kids in the house, who can’t leave to pop to a shop. Or y’know, people who are just a bit lazy. So I am fully on board with The Grape Club, who – once you sign up – deliver a ‘grape drop’ of four bottles of wine, each month. Each bottle comes with its own personalised tasting note tag allowing you to learn about the wines as you drink. The Grape Club’s founders Anthony and Louisa are trying to ‘desnobbify’ the wine industry and bring brilliant wine, in a hassle-free way, to its members. Costing £45 a month, with no membership fee and the ability to cancel at any time, The Grape Club seems awesome to me. They sent me a grape drop to try and all four bottles were – no word of a lie – fantastic. Special shout out to the Malbec.


Getting my toes out. When is it that it really feels like summer is on its way? When it’s warm enough to wear sandals or flip flops. This week, thanks to http://notanothermummyblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/our mini-heatwave, I’ve shoved my boots to the back of the closet and I’ve been wearing my new black Birkenstocks. I even painted my toenails (*pops party popper in the air*).

Black Birkenstocks

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The Real Relationship Milestones


Your first date, moving in together, THE PROPOSAL. All big milestones in any relationship. But I think it’s the smaller things that often have more meaning and give you that exciting fizzy feeling in your stomach. Things like…

Your first joint selfie – the first of eleventy billion…

Your first joint hangover – there’s something so bonding about cooking a fry up, drinking Diet Coke and watching box sets on the sofa as you recover from a big night out.

Meeting his best friends. What if they hate you? WHAT IF YOU HATE THEM?

The first time he looks after you when you’re ill. Blanket? Check. Endless cups of tea? Check. Brownie points? Check.

Leaving your toothbrush at his place. This means ‘I’m sticking around’ – if you get past this with neither of you freaking out, you’re onto a winner.

The first time he brings your breakfast in bed. Who cares if it’s just tea and toast? You didn’t have to leave your cosy bed to make it……

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Win Tootsa MacGinty SS15 Kidswear!

One of my favourite kidswear brands in Tootsa MacGinty. Gender neutral, fun designs and great quality, we’ve bought quite a few things over the years – from a fox knit to harem pants and a dress – and they’ve all lasted well. Some of my favourite things from their Spring Summer 2015 range are…

Tootsa Macginty dress

This fab blue smock dress, £28
This animal print tee, £23 and these yellow shorts, £25
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.29.39
These espadrilles, £15
Isn’t it all gorgeous? And dress aside, you could put them on a girl or boy. If you love these items as much as me, then listen up. Tootsa Macginty have given me one of each to give away. One winner will win the dress, t-shirt, shorts and espadrilles in the size of their choice (subject to availability – see T&Cs for full details).

How to enter

To enter, comment on this blog post saying which is your favourite current Tootsa MacGinty SS15 piece (take a look on their site to choose your favourite) and follow this blog on Twitter. For extra entries, tweet about the giveaway, follow me on Instagram and visit the blog’s Facebook page. Easy peasy! Don’t forget to fill in the Rafflecopter box below for your entry to count. Good luck.

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