Podcast: Kate Rogers on Raising Her Son With Cerebral Palsy

Today’s guest, Kate Rogers, is a mum of one. She had a healthy pregnancy and a straight forward birth, but in the days after her son Frank was born, her whole life was flipped on its head when they discovered that Frank had contracted Group B Strep during the delivery, which led to him developing meningitis. The infection left Frank with a brain injury and he now lives with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.

Kate talks about caring for Frank, now age two, and what it was like to go from taking a seemingly healthy baby home from hospital to being given a diagnosis of meningitis. She’s such an inspiration and manages to stay positive despite the challenges that life has thrown her way.

You can find out more about Group B Strep at Group B Strep Support, find out about Group B Strep testing here and you can follow Kate (and gorgeous Frank!) on Instagramthis post in particular illustrates the positive attitude that Kate has, go have a read.

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