Podcast: Emma Svanberg (Mumologist) on Birth Trauma

Please note: This episode deals with trauma. If you have been through a trauma you feel remains unresolved, please listen with care. You may wish to ensure that you have someone to listen with you; or to talk to about anything that arises for you. If you find it difficult, you can speak to a healthcare professional and find lots of resources for help on the Make Birth Better website.

Emma Svanberg is a perinatal clinical psychologist and mum, who is on Instagram as @mumologist. Her aim is to get mental health chat out of the clinic and into the real world. She is the co-founder of Make Birth Better and the author of the book Why Birth Trauma Matters.

On this episode, Emma talks to me about what birth trauma is, the differences between PTSD and post-natal depression, the things we can do if we feel we’ve had a traumatic birth and who to speak to if we feel it’s affecting our day to day lives.

I also chat to Emma about how much of a force for good Instagram is – raising awareness for mental health issues, people showing vulnerability, and talking about what has worked for them –  and how much it’s actually creating a mental health problem.

Buy Emma’s book Why Birth Trauma Matters and follow her on Instagram.

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  1. August 1, 2019 / 3:51 pm

    This is a fabulous post! Thanks so much for writing this post with such honesty. I can hear that you have been through a real journey with your body and you are starting to come to a place of acceptance.

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