Podcast: Jen & Al Ferguson on Miscarriage

Jen and Al Ferguson have suffered seven miscarriages – six of them subsequently since having their son Teddy, now age four. They talk very openly to me about their experiences, from the first miscarriage, which happened on their wedding day, to the most recent. Both explain how the heartbreak has affected them and the things they’ve done to cope emotionally with such a run of bad luck. Currently struggling to conceive, Jen is receiving fertility treatment and talks about how lots of people ask why they’re trying so hard to have another baby when – between them – Al and Jen have three children already.

We also chat about how they flexi school their youngest son and how their first miscarriage let Al to set up hugely successful website, The Dadsnet, because he went online for some emotional support aimed at dads and found none.

You can check out The Dadsnet and follow Jen & Al on Instagram. For more information on miscarriage and support, head to Tommy’s.

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