Podcast: Ruth Crilly on Finding Some Of The Baby Years A Bit Boring

Ruth Crilly is a hugely successful model and beauty blogger and vlogger, having started her blog A Model Recommends in 2010. She has an audience of over 300,000 on YouTube and is the co-founder of Colab Dry Shampoo.

She’s also a mum of two and she talks to me here about her family life in rural Somerset, how much of that family life she shares online and how she juggles motherhood with her busy career. Ruth tells me about her soon-to-launch app – The Night Feed – which aims to give mums feeding their babies during the night something to read that’s totally tailored to them.

We also chat about something that many mums will identify with – finding elements of those early baby years a bit boring, how she tackles that boredom with getting a bit creative with games and why she believes she is a better mum because she works.

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