Podcast: Alexis Stickland & Beccy Hands on The Fourth Trimester

You may have heard a lot of talk about the fourth trimester – the 12 weeks following giving birth – but why do people go on about it and what should we be doing in that period? My guests on this episode are two people who know their stuff, and they’ve written a book all about the fourth trimester.

Alexis Stickland is a midwife, ante-natal teacher and mum of three. Beccy Hands is a doula, an ante natal and post natal massage therapist and a mum of two. Together, they wrote The Little Book Of Self Care For New Mums and they chat to me about how important it is for a new mum to focus on three things: caring for her newborn, healing physically and adjusting mentally. They give suggestions on how we can prepare, on a practical level, and how we can recruit the help of our partner, family members and friends to assist us in our fourth trimester. 

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