Podcast: Rosie Ramsey on Social Media v Real Life

If you’re not following my guest this week, on Instagram, you need to remedy that immediately. Rosie Ramsey is a mum of one, a presenter, a podcaster, an actress and so much more.

We talk about why so many of us present our lives as being glossy and perfect on social media when actually, lots of us live a reality that’s slightly scruffy, chaotic and mundane. Rosie chats to me about how seeing such a polished version of life can affect your mental health and how she strives to keep it real when she’s posting on social media. We also discuss how it’s OK to mute someone on social media if you think what they’re posting is having a negative effect on you.

There’s also lots of chat about Rosie’s life with husband, comedian Chris Ramsey and their son Robin, she tells us who she likes to follow on Instagram and there’s even a little Instagram lesson at the end for all social media fans out there….

You can follow Rosie on Instagram and check out her podcast Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed.

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