Podcast: Tamu Thomas on toxic productivity and the importance of rest

We’ve had a short mid-season break with the podcast which I’d love to tell you was intentional but was actually due to mounting work deadlines and a lack of time.

My guest on this episode would approve of a) me taking a break and b) me sharing it with you because Tamu Thomas is the author of Women Who Work Too Much – Break free from toxic productivity and find your joy.

Tamu and I talk about why we often find it hard to say no to work, the allure of being busy and why rest is just as important as work.

We also delve into how to role model a healthy work/rest balance for our kids to ensure they don’t pick up unhelpful habits from us.

This is a great episode if you feel stressed by work and find it hard to get balance in your life!

Check out Tamu’s book here and follow her on Instagram.

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