Podcast: Sarah Powell & Zoe Hardman on Being A Step Parent

The traditional family set up, with mum, dad and 2.4 children feels like a very outdated notion, doesn’t it? Families can be made up of two mums, two dads, a single parent, foster parents – the possibilities go on! My guests on the podcast this week are two women who are step mums.

Sarah Powell is a radio and TV presenter, podcaster, wedding celebrant, coach and columnist for Red magazine… and she has two step-daughters.

Zoe Hardman is a radio and TV broadcaster, website founder and podcaster – and is mum to two little ones of her own and a step-daughter.

Both of them have quite different experiences of step parenting but they each have lots of advice on navigating the role, on meeting your partner’s children for the first time, on dealing with potential feelings of jealousy towards a step child and any insecure feelings that might emerge, on developing a good relationship with your partner’s ex, and lots more.

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