Creating a teenage bedroom (and why replacing their mattress is a good start)


Fourteen years ago, I was pregnant for the first time and we started decorating one of our spare bedrooms, turning it into a nursery for the baby. Now that baby is a 13-year-old… and still in the same bedroom, with the same shade of apple white paint on the walls.

OK so there have been a few Harry Potter prints and photo collages added to the walls in that time but essentially we haven’t done much to the room.

So it’s time to upgrade her bedroom to a proper teenage room.

As your tween turns 13, their bedroom becomes more than just a place to sleep — it’s a space to hang out with friends, do homework in peace and escape grown ups. Transforming a room from a kid-friendly zone to a teenager’s hang-out needs to reflect their personality and what they’re into.

Here’s how you can transform your tween’s bedroom into a cool, grown-up space, with some expert advice and product suggestions.

1. Start with a chat

Before you dive into redecorating, have a chat with your teen. Understand their likes, dislikes, and how they envision their new room. This isn’t just about picking a paint colour; it’s about acknowledging their growing independence and giving them a say in their personal space.

Get them to create a Pinterest mood board – or a real life mood board using some magazines – to illustrate the colours, patterns and vibe they might like. Personally, if I were 13 today, I’d go for a Taylor Swift Lover era inspired room with pinks and blues, cloud motifs and a touch of sparkle.

2. Replace any basics that need updating

We desperately needed to replace my 13-year-old’s mattress. She hadn’t complained once but it was when we sat on the bed while sorting through charity shop piles that we realised how lumpy it was.

So out with the lumpy and in with the Simba Hybrid Original.

Needless to say, ensuring our teenager gets a good night’s sleep is crucial – as teens grow, and they spend longer sleeping (!) their need for support changes.

When choosing a mattress for a teenager, consider one that offers both support and comfort, adapting to their changing body and promoting a restful night’s sleep.

We went for the Simba Hybrid Original mattress, renowned for its combination of comfort and support. This mattress features a unique combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam, designed to adapt to body shape, reducing pressure points and ensuring alignment for growing bodies. The Simba Hybrid is engineered to promote airflow and temperature regulation, ensuring your teen stays comfortable throughout the night.

Thankfully, she loves it. Super comfy and offers a lot more support on her back, which is important when she spends so much of her week dancing and training.

Investing in a quality mattress like the Simba Hybrid Original can significantly impact your teenager’s sleep quality, overall health, and daily well-being. A good night’s sleep supports their physical growth, mental health, and academic performance, making a quality mattress an investment in their overall development during these crucial teenage years.

3. Invest in Versatile Furniture

As your teen grows, so should their furniture. Consider pieces that will last through their teen years. A larger bed, a sturdy desk, and ample storage are key. We’ve bought a mix of pieces from IKEA, Dunelm and Habitat to create a space that has enough storage for her.

4. Create a Study Area

Secondary school means more homework and study time. A dedicated study area in their bedroom can help them focus and stay organised. A comfortable chair, proper lighting, and a desk with enough space for their books is essential.

We don’t yet allow the 13-year-old to have a computer in her room, instead she uses the family Microsoft Surface to do her homework, in a communal space. But eventually, we reckon she will have a computer in her room, so desk space is a must.

5. Add Personal Touches

Encourage your teen to personalise their space. Whether it’s posters of their favourite singers, a display of their art, or a shelf for their collectibles, having a space that reflects their personality is crucial. My 13-year-old has a display of her dancing trophies and medals and LED lighting strips around the room but we want to really add to that, to make the space her own. (I’m LOVING this Taylor Swift inspired wall art from Etsy).

Interior designer Sophie Robinson suggests, “Allow your teen to express themselves in their room. It’s their space to be creative, so whether it’s through wall art or unique furniture, let their personality shine through.”

Similarly, designer Sarah Brown notes, “Flexibility is key in a teen’s room. Opt for modular furniture that can be rearranged as their needs and tastes change.”


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