Eurovision Bingo Card, Anyone?

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore The Eurovision Song Contest. The annual kitsch-fest is taking place in the Swedish city of Malmö this year (yes! Sweden! It’s so on-trend right now!) and I’ll be tuning in, glass of wine in hand to have a giggle at the entries, listen to Graham Norton’s brilliantly snarky commentary and follow my Twitter feed’s equally snarky commentary.

In years gone by, I’d get together with a big crowd of friends to have a Eurovision party. We’d buy in a job-lot of snacks (all beige in colour), drink cheap wine and score each song in a very serious fashion. A friend of mine used to do the same – they’d all dress up in a competing country’s national dress (I say national dress, I mean striped tee and beret if you were going as France, obvs).

Eurovision has a fond place in my heart, and I’ll be cheering on the UK entry, Bonnie Tyler, this weekend with – check this out – a handy, printable Eurovision Bingo Card (sshh… there’s a small chance we *may* turn it into a drinking game…)

Eurovision 2103 Bingo Card

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