Argos Baby Goodies Worth £150 To Be Won!

When I was pregnant, I was sent a list of things to buy, from a very helpful friend. I then passed it onto lots of other friends, when they were pregnant. The list was huge (like, massive) and I really worried about missing something on the list, and being caught short without that one thing we needed.

“Argh! Why didn’t we buy a topping and tailing dish!” I imagined myself crying – despite not even knowing what a topping and tailing dish was. And if I’m honest, I’m still not sure what the point of them actually is…

If we have another child (I said IF… don’t you all start with those looks) I’ll be much more relaxed about what we need. I’ll remember the things that were genuinely useful (Bumbo, baby bouncer seat…) and the things that weren’t (cotton wool – I still have rolls and rolls of the stuff, unused in the bathroom cupboard).

Thanks to Argos, I’m giving away three things that are on my ‘genuinely useful’ list. One person will win a lovely wooden swinging crib worth £64.50, an Avent bottle starter kit worth £29.99 and an Avent electric steam steriliser worth £59.99. Woo! When my daughter was a newborn, she would only sleep when being pushed in the pram or rocked. This swinging crib would have been really handy (and the neutral wood is lovely). You can take a look at the cribs here. We used Avent bottles, so I can vouch for them and say how great they are. We had an Avent microwave steam steriliser but this electric version would have been even easier to use.

Win Argos baby products

HOW TO ENTER: For a chance to win this bundle from Argos, comment on this blog post, telling me what the most useful child or baby product you own is, and fill in the Rafflecopter box below. Extra entries can be obtained by following me on Twitter, following on Facebook and tweeting about the giveaway. Good luck!
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Terms and conditions:

- This blog is hosting this giveaway on behalf of Argos and is not responsible for the delivery of the prize.
- Giveaway is open to residents of UK and Ireland.
- The giveaway closes 22/02/14 at midnight GMT.
· The prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered
- A winner will be chosen at random after the closing date from the entrants who have completed the mandatory way of entering – commenting on this blog post. The winner will be contacted by a representative of Argos to arrange for the delivery of the prize within 28 days of the closing date.

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My Family Car Breakdown Kit

*Practical post klaxon* Yes, it’s not very glamorous but it’s really important to be prepared when you’re out and about in the car as a family. When our daughter was a baby, we always had an extra baby change bag packed and in the boot, just in case we went out and (shudder) forgot to take the essentials with us. Back then, being caught short without a fresh nappy or change of clothes was quite possibly the WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN. Now, of course, we don’t need a change bag, but we do need emergency supplies of a different kind.

If our car breaks down, on a journey, there are a few things that are really handy to have, while we wait for the AA breakdown and recovery van to arrive…

What to pack in your car in case of a breakdown

1. A blanket to keep warm. OK so this Breton stripe blanket  from The White Company is probably a bit too posh and lovely to keep in the car – but just think! You’d actually LOOK FORWARD to a breakdown just so you could snuggle up under this beauty while you wait for help.

2. Warning triangle – useful to let other cars know you have broken down (NB. don’t use it on the hard shoulder of a motorway.)

3. A weather-proof torch like this Energizer Impact LED Torch.

4. Hi-vis jackets. Safety advice says that if you break down on a motorway, you should always get out of the car and find a safe place to wait for help, rather than sit in the car. Hi-vis jackets will ensure you’re more visable. And don’t forget the kids – get them a child-size hi-vis.

5Ultra Grip gloves will keep your hands warm in the winter, and will give you extra grip if you’re changing a tyre. Pack some kids’ gloves too.

6. In summer months, it could be sunny (could be, I said!) so having SPF 50 with you will stop family members from burning while waiting for the AA.

7. Snacks are a good idea – something like a cereal bar is ideal as they have a long shelf-life and will survive being kept in the car.

8. Ditto, pack some  small bottles of water in case you get thirsty.

9. Keep kids entertained while you wait with a fun activity book like The Anti-Boredom Colouring Book by Chris Dickason. Well, it beats playing ‘spot the red cars’…

10. It could be tipping it down, so a couple of umbrellas could be a God-send to keep you dry.


Is there anything I’ve missed? What would you add to the list?


This post was written in association with The AA. For details on my commerical posts, please visit my Work With Me page.


My Name Is Alison… And I’m Addicted To My Onesie

I think it’s fair to say that we can safely categorise most people these days into “Those who wear onesies” and “Those who don’t wear onesies”. I’ve always been in the latter camp. Back in 2010, when they were first spotted on celebs like One Direction and Rihanna, I felt a bit indifferent towards them. It looked like one of those “wacky” celeb trends that would come and go (anyone remember Robbie Williams wearing a dummy necklace back in the 90s?).

But then they became a “thing” and they stopped being referred to as adult baby grows and they got their own proper name – the onesie. Retailers like New Look and Primark started selling them and people – normal people – started to wear them. I remember the first time I realised how popular they were about to become. In 2012, my deskmate at Look magazine, was gifted a onesie by a high street retailer. She was a super cool fashion type, yet she was genuinely excited about being given a onesie.

So I got one. And I wore it one evening. And I… didn’t get it. I got really hot in it, and when I went to the loo, I had to peel the whole thing off me, leaving me freezing, and I had to make sure the hood didn’t land IN the loo, of course. Then, when it was time to go to bed, I had to change out of my onesie and into my PJs. It all felt a bit like too much effort, if I’m honest.

So for the past year or so, I’ve been firmly in the “Those who don’t wear onesies” camp.

Until now.

Why I Love My Onesie

Yep, my name is Alison… and I’m addicted to my onesie.

This all happened quite by accident. I bought a Sport Relief onesie, to wear when I take part in the Team Honk Bloggers’ Relay next month. It was all part of the “wackiness” of the day. When it arrived by post, I tried it on to pose for a photo… and that was it. I wore it all evening. It was so warm, and cosy. When I put the hood up, I was encased in its cotton snugness. I didn’t even mind the going-to-the-loo part, because the comfort and snuggly snugness (have I mentioned it’s cosy?) when I put it back on, made it worthwhile.

Every night for the past week, I’ve got home from work and put on my Sport Relief onesie. I cook dinner in it, I watch TV in it, I blog in it. We sat down to watch Breaking Bad on Sunday night, and I actually made my husband pause the opening scene because I just wasn’t as comfortable as I could be, and wanted to change into my onesie. I don’t actually know how to be at home now, wearing anything else.

I know they are not cool. I’m fact, I’d go as far as to say they are completely uncool but who CARES when you’re this snug? So I urge you – if you’ve never tried a onesie, give it a go. And if, like me, you thought you didn’t like them, give them another go. You might just surprise yourself…

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Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Grown Up

That mascara isn’t as pants as you think it is – you just need to take off last night’s mascara before reapplying. In fact, your lashes and eyes like it much better if you remove your eye make up every night rather than just sleeping in it, waking like a grubby, smudged panda.

A quiet life is better than constant drama. Who cares if that person is living their life in a way you can’t understand? So what if that other person is annoying you in some way? Shrug it all off and get on with your own day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a size twelve. It doesn’t magically make you a happier person, you can just fit into smaller clothes. Don’t spend all that time fretting over your body and feeling guilty because you ordered a side of chips. Life’s too short.

Buying cheap clothes is a false economy. Those £2 vest tops from Primark might look appealing, but they’ll shrink and go baggy at the same time (it’s so weird how some clothes can manage both) and you’ll only have to fork out for new vest tops next year.

It’s OK to go to bed at 10pm. Some people just need more sleep than others, and that’s fine. Listen to your body and what it’s telling you. (Also: those people who stay up til 2am every night? They’re probably just on Twitter or watching Made In Chelsea – you’re not missing out on much.)

Shopping highs are great but it’s even better when you actually have the money before you spend it. Overdrafts and credit cards are bad news. The stress and guilt they bring will seriously kill that new-buy-buzz.

It’s OK to go out without wearing any make up. No one will notice (probably) and if they do, they won’t care.

Your house doesn’t have to look like those houses on Pinterest. So you live in a messy home? No one can see that mound of clean washing that has been sitting at the end of your spare bed for weeks. The upturned furniture covering holes dug by foxes in your garden aren’t that big a deal. The mass of toys in the dining room that you’ve been meaning to organise for ages aren’t hurting anyone.

Kick leaves, get muddy, be silly. Sometimes it’s good to just let go. We’re so busy trying to be sensible and make good decisions every day, but every now and then (at least once a day, I’d say), it does you some good to just go with the flow.

Kick leaves... be silly1