Podcast #32: Ciara Attwell on Fussy Eaters

Are your children fussy eaters? My seven-year-old is fairly fussy – with a love of beige food and a limited intake of vegetables – so I really enjoyed chatting to my latest guest on the podcast, Ciara Attwell. Ciara is a mum of two and author of My Fussy Eater, a brilliant recipe book filled with ideas for meals and snacks for the whole family. Everything is easy to make and should hopefully tempt event the fussiest of kids to try new foods.

Thankfully, Ciara isn’t one of those judgmental family food experts – she’s not interested in making you feel bad about what you feed your kids, and on the podcast we chat about how she finds that balance between stress-free meal times and keeping her children healthy. She shares her tips on encouraging your kids to try new things, and the benefits of hiding veg in pasta sauce vs just popping it on their plate, even if you know they’ll refuse to eat it.

So take a listen for some great advice on feeding your kids, and check out her blog My Fussy Eater and app for even more family meal inspiration.

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