Things Everyone Loves… But I Just Don’t Get

There are some things in life that everyone loves, in a universal kinda-way. You know, Brad Pitt… chocolate… fairy lights… Friends… those things that if you’re in the pub with someone and the conversation dries up (awkward…) you can turn to talking about and everything will be alright.

“Favourite episode of Friends?” you could ask. (My answer would be “Series 2: The One Where No One’s Ready” – it’s a classic.)

But then there are things in life that everyone LOVES… but you don’t really understand why. People enthuse about these things, and you really want to love them too, but you just can’t work out what the fuss is about.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you… the things everyone loves, but I just don’t get:


When Prince was here in the UK recently, playing some live shows, everyone was excited. People were tweeting about trying to get tickets, talking about how much they love him, discussing favourite songs. And I was confused. “Is liking Prince a thing?” I hadn’t realised. I remember him releasing stuff in the 80s, when I was a kid (true fact: I thought he was the boyfriend of 80s pop singer Princess) but his music largely passed me by, and hearing it in recent years hasn’t made me develop a new-found love for him. In fact, I’d go as far as to say tunes like Raspberry Beret kinda annoy me.

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Mother’s Day Outfits – Sorted!

Isn’t Mother’s Day the best? You get a valid excuse to have a lie-in, get flowers and probably a nice Sunday lunch in a family-friendly pub somewhere (lunch time wine? Don’t mind if I do!)

And of course, it’s nice to look good – and feel good – on Mother’s Day so using all of the tips I’ve picked up from those clever fashion editors I’ve worked with in the past, I’ve created a couple of outfits for Mother’s Day, using clothing from F&F at Tesco. (YES! Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, ladies!)

They’ve got a lovely Aztec biker jacket which is very Zara, and teamed with their cream lace top and boyfriend jeans, it creates a casual but on-trend look. If you’re off for a nice pub lunch, these demi wedge peep toe shoes are perfect (remember to paint your toe nails a nice bright colour). I’ve added a statement necklace and classic black handbag to complete the look.


Showing how versatile the boyfriend jeans and lace top are, this second outfit sees them paired with a gorgeous kimono top from F&F for a different look. This would look great if you’re being treated to a sneaky evening Mother’s Day date. Stick on some bright court shoes and a clutch and you’ll be good to go! Continue reading

What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

Motherhood means different things to different people. For some, it’s their reason for existing, for some it’s something that’s been a long time coming, for others, it’s pure joy 24/7. When you actually start to think about it, you realise that being a mum is such a huge part of your life and it’s difficult to pin down to one thought or emotion. My life was pretty full before I had my daughter, so how have I managed to fit in being a mum, around everything else I do? It makes my head spin a bit, when I think about it.

But what does motherhood mean to me?

To me, motherhood is a reminder that there’s more to life than work. It is – ultimately – the single most important thing in my life. And that’s not something I say lightly. I’m not one of those sentimental types who posts cutesy messages on Facebook about my child being my whole universe. My career is hugely important to me, and I work hard to progess and achieve things. But motherhood has taught me that family is more important. It’s a cliché but have many people been on their death bed and wished they’d spent more time in the office? So while my career is still a high priority for me, it’s sits just below ‘family’ in the pecking order.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Lovely change bag brand Pink Lining recently asked mums to submit a photo of them with their family and to say what motherhood means to them in six words or less. The photos were turned into a video, just in time for Mother’s Day…

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’d love to know what motherhood means to you – comment and tell me. And do check out Pink Lining’s fab range of change bags – when I had a newborn, I used to lust after other mums’ Pink Lining bags. They’re so pretty!

• This is a commissioned post – thanks to Pink Lining for working with Not Another Mummy Blog. For more info on posts written for brands, see my Work With Me page.

The ELC Bake Off: Making Mini Cupcakes

Mary Berry? Ain’t got nothing on my three year old. Paul Hollywood? Put those twinkly blue eyes away because my daughter is cuter.

Yes, when it comes to baking, Mary and Paul are bun-derful (arf!) but we thought we’d give them a run for their money by taking part in the ELC Bake Off. Early Learning Centre have challenged some bloggers to get busy in the kitchen, using their fab Let’s Bake range. The range was recently launched and features a colourful array of real baking accessories that are made for little hands. It includes tools and kits to make cupcakes, cookies and anything creative that mini kitchen whizzes can think of.


ELC Mothercare baking kit

ELC Cupcake Baking Set, £15

ELC Baking Utensil Set, £8


To show my family’s baking skills using the Let’s Bake sets to create something for Mother’s Day! I had to enlist the help of my daughter and get baking and decorating! I channelled a Great British Bake Off  contestant, about to embark on a technical challenge, and got in the zone.


We used one of the recipes that came with the baking kit – vanilla cupcakes. Mmmm.

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10 Of The Cutest Things For Babies And Toddlers

Today, I’m welcoming my friends over at Cosatto who have written a guest post for Not Another Mummy Blog…

After seeing this wonderful piece on BuzzFeed, we decided to put together one of our own. Instead of focusing solely on “cool” things, however, we thought we were better suited to looking at cuteness.

With everything from vividly coloured toys to cuddly and cosy outfits, there’s a little something here for everybody. We’re sure you’ll find a thing or two you like!

Dressing Up and Looking Good

Whether you want your little one to look adorable while playing around the house or you want them to make a great first impression with some of the neighbourhood children, these threads are bound to go down a treat. Just look at them!

Dress your baby as an astronaught! Astronaut costume found on Chasing Fireflies


Superhero tights for boys

 Little Hero tights from Little Titans


Sulley from Monsters Inc babygro Sulley bodysuit from The Disney Store

 Smart outfit for boys

Gorgeous smart clothes found on Etsy


Getting Around and Sitting Down

Somewhere to be? Then you can travel in style! However, if you’re after a little me-time and the baby fancies a rest, let them curl up with their friend the octopus.

Mamas and Papas playmat Octopus Playmat found on Amazon

Cosatto Ooba Travel System PramMarzipan Ooba travel system from Cosatto


Fun Friends and Dream Buddies

Every kid needs a friendly face to spend time with, whether they’re going to be dragged around all day or to keep them company while they snooze. Here are some super-cute ones.

Make a felt toy truck Felt toy truck instructions found on Make It & Love It


Fisher Price seahorse

 Light-up seahorse night toy found on Tesco


Jellycat elephant toy

 Jellycat cuddly elephant found on John Lewis


Ewan the dream sheep

 Ewan the Dream Sheep from easidream


We just love anything cute – the cuter, the better! All of these things are simply adorable, in particular the Sulley from Monsters, Inc. bodysuit. What do you think?

Thanks to Cosatto for this lovely post. For information on guest posts from brands, see my Work With Me page.