The ELC Bake Off: Making Mini Cupcakes

Mary Berry? Ain’t got nothing on my three year old. Paul Hollywood? Put those twinkly blue eyes away because my daughter is cuter.

Yes, when it comes to baking, Mary and Paul are bun-derful (arf!) but we thought we’d give them a run for their money by taking part in the ELC Bake Off. Early Learning Centre have challenged some bloggers to get busy in the kitchen, using their fab Let’s Bake range. The range was recently launched and features a colourful array of real baking accessories that are made for little hands. It includes tools and kits to make cupcakes, cookies and anything creative that mini kitchen whizzes can think of.


ELC Mothercare baking kit

ELC Cupcake Baking Set, £15

ELC Baking Utensil Set, £8


To show my family’s baking skills using the Let’s Bake sets to create something for Mother’s Day! I had to enlist the help of my daughter and get baking and decorating! I channelled a Great British Bake Off  contestant, about to embark on a technical challenge, and got in the zone.


We used one of the recipes that came with the baking kit – vanilla cupcakes. Mmmm.

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10 Of The Cutest Things For Babies And Toddlers

Today, I’m welcoming my friends over at Cosatto who have written a guest post for Not Another Mummy Blog…

After seeing this wonderful piece on BuzzFeed, we decided to put together one of our own. Instead of focusing solely on “cool” things, however, we thought we were better suited to looking at cuteness.

With everything from vividly coloured toys to cuddly and cosy outfits, there’s a little something here for everybody. We’re sure you’ll find a thing or two you like!

Dressing Up and Looking Good

Whether you want your little one to look adorable while playing around the house or you want them to make a great first impression with some of the neighbourhood children, these threads are bound to go down a treat. Just look at them!

Dress your baby as an astronaught! Astronaut costume found on Chasing Fireflies


Superhero tights for boys

 Little Hero tights from Little Titans


Sulley from Monsters Inc babygro Sulley bodysuit from The Disney Store

 Smart outfit for boys

Gorgeous smart clothes found on Etsy


Getting Around and Sitting Down

Somewhere to be? Then you can travel in style! However, if you’re after a little me-time and the baby fancies a rest, let them curl up with their friend the octopus.

Mamas and Papas playmat Octopus Playmat found on Amazon

Cosatto Ooba Travel System PramMarzipan Ooba travel system from Cosatto


Fun Friends and Dream Buddies

Every kid needs a friendly face to spend time with, whether they’re going to be dragged around all day or to keep them company while they snooze. Here are some super-cute ones.

Make a felt toy truck Felt toy truck instructions found on Make It & Love It


Fisher Price seahorse

 Light-up seahorse night toy found on Tesco


Jellycat elephant toy

 Jellycat cuddly elephant found on John Lewis


Ewan the dream sheep

 Ewan the Dream Sheep from easidream


We just love anything cute – the cuter, the better! All of these things are simply adorable, in particular the Sulley from Monsters, Inc. bodysuit. What do you think?

Thanks to Cosatto for this lovely post. For information on guest posts from brands, see my Work With Me page.

Make A Belle And Boo Easter Egg Hunt

Belle & Boo are one of my favourite kids’ brands. The beautiful illustrations on their products make them perfect gifts (or a special treat for your own child). And the best part is the products aren’t over-priced either. You can pick up little badges for £2.25 and packed lunch tins for a tenner. If you’ve got a special birthday gift to buy, the fine china dinner set is a not-too-outrageous £30…

Belle and Boo buys

The gorgeous gift and lifestyle brand have created an Easter Egg Hunt kit to raise money for the award winning charity Kids Company, which provides practical, emotional and educational support to 36,000 inner-city children in the UK. The kit can be bought for £5 on the Belle & Boo website and rather amazingly –  ALL money from the sale of the Easter Egg hunt kit goes directly to the charity.

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How Flowers Can Get You A Free Coffee

Apparently only 9% of mums asked in a recent survey said they wanted flowers on Mother’s Day. They said they’d rather have a lie in or be taken out for a slap-up meal.

Well I’d like all three please – is that greedy?

I think flowers are underestimated sometimes. When I have some fresh blooms in a vase on my desk, I feel a bit more inspired. And they can get you free coffee too – today I was carrying a bunch of flowers while I bought a takeaway coffee. The friendly barista commented on them, and FOR SOME REASON I fibbed and told him it was my birthday. He gave me a discount and stamped my loyalty card ten times. (I know. I’m going to burn in hell, aren’t I?)

The flowers I was carrying were given to me at a lovely event held by Moonpig – showcasing their range of flowers, gifts and hampers (who knew they sold all those things? I thought they just sold cards until today…)

Moonpig flower bouquet

Bouquets of flowers

The flowers we saw were really beautiful and I especially loved the Breakfast in Bed hamper which as well as containing tea, coffee, orange juice, jams and Champagne, it comes complete with a mini dustpan and brush, to help you get rid of toast crumbs from the bed. I’m serious!

Now, I’m back at home, working on my laptop with some beautiful blooms to look at. Thanks Moonpig!

Flowers on desk

Flowers from Moonpig

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Decorating Monster Cupcakes At BKD London

In the last few months, my three-year-old has really started getting into baking (so much so, that when she’s watching us cook lunch or tea, she tells us, “NO. You’re not cooking, Daddy, you’re BAKING.”)

She has a Gruffalo apron and loves rolling up her sleeves and getting messy in the kitchen.

We started off gently, by making chocolate cornflake cakes (which – WIN – she enjoyed making more than eating, leaving more for us) and then in January, her pre-school set the kids a weekend baking task and we made ladybird cupcakes. Because the point of this task was to get the kids to measure, mix and decorate the cakes, I tried hard to let my control-freak instincts go, and allow her to pour flour into the scales and spoon mixture into the cupcake cases. I even let her help me hold the electric whisk (repeating every three seconds “don’t put your hands near the moving bit!”)

She gets such a kick out of baking, so BKD London‘s cupcake decorating classes sounded right up her street. Run by Adelle in a swanky North London canal-side apartment (other classes are run from the nearby Proud Activist gallery/bar/restaurant) the class we went to was a monster cupcake session.

Adelle from BKD London

Cupcakes ready to decorate

A nice cuppa

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