The Dos And Don’ts Of Peppa Pig World

Unless you’ve hidden your TV remote control from sight, the chances are, if you’ve got a pre-school child, you’ll be well aware of Peppa Pig. And one of the biggest treats you can give a small kiddo is taking them to Peppa Pig World near Southampton. We took our (then) two year old last year and she had the MOST FUN EVER. And unlike a lot of theme parks aimed at very young children, it wasn’t too painful for us grown ups either. I even had a stinking wine-head on me that day, and I still coped admirably (I know – I deserve a medal, right?).

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Peppa Pig World this summer, there are some Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most of your visit…

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How Many Parent Points Did You Earn Today?

How many Parent Points Did you earn today?

Parenting is HARD. It’s harder than completing a Rubik’s Cube. Harder than ignoring the garlic bread at a BBQ and opting for lots of salad instead.  Harder than keeping up with the latest developments in Katie Price’s life. So it’s important that we reward ourself for the small wins, each day. How? With Parent Points. It’s a simple concept – we earn Parent Points when we successfully do certain tasks when looking after our children. Keep a tally – stick it on your fridge, and feel smug each evening when you see how AWESOME you really are.

Give yourself one parent point when you:

  • Successfully navigate your baby or toddler into a wooden restaurant high chair in one swift movement. (What is it about those things? You need to have the child at a very precise angle…)
  • Manage to keep enough milk for their morning cereal (and your cuppa.)

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Am I Too Old To Wear Minnie Mouse Ears?

I have a bit of a history with Child/Adult Clothing Confusion. When you’re a student, you can get away with wearing a retro Care Bears t-shirt (or, ahem, having a Teletubby on your car dashboard) but apparently, as you get older, this is less acceptable. Like the time I took my 3 month old baby to a sensory class and couldn’t work out why I was getting funny looks off the other mums. Ah, yes, it might have been because I was wearing an animal hat (look, it was from River Island) and so was my baby (hers was Mothercare).

I often walk into Gap and start lusting after a brightly coloured striped tee, before panicking and wondering if I actually like it because it would look nice on my three year old. I sometimes lose the ability to differentiate between ‘stuff I like for me’ and ‘stuff I like for my pre-schooler’. Does anyone else do this?

Which brings me to…Am I too old to wear Minnie Mouse ears? Well, according to Asos, no!

*cheers, does backflip, does back in, hobbles*

The fashion retailer have announced that they’re teaming up with Disney to make Minnie Mouse ears. Coming in a variety of styles (I love the floral ears…) they start at £10 and will be available to buy from June. Asos Minnie Mouse ears

Why should kids have all the fun? I’m going to buy a pair and wear them to Camp Bestival. After all, where else can you embrace your inner child without anyone giving you a second glance?


Minnie Mouse ears from Asos

But Minnie has long been a fashion icon to those who are young at heart. Last year, lots of designers collaborated to create a collection shown at London Fashion Week, paying homage to Mickey’s lady friend. The range was auctioned off in aid of the Fashion Arts Foundation.

Minnie Mouse fashion designs


If high fashion ain’t your thing, then brilliantly, Asos have got some awesome sweatshirts, tees and leggings with Minnie on…

Are we too old to wear Minnie? Heck no.

1. ASOS Mickey And Minnie Printed Leggings, £22

2. ASOS CURVE Sweatshirt With Mickey & Minnie Sleeve Print, £28

3. River Island Minnie Sweat Top, £25

So what do you reckon? Are we too old to wear Minnie Mouse? I vote ‘heck no’.

My Mum’s ‘Mmmmmm’ Pudding

As a mum, for the last few years, yogurt has meant one thing to me – a quick and calcium-rich pudding or snack for my tot. It has been smeared all over the high chair table, smeared all over a grubby face, squelched into little hands and inevitably, splatted or wiped onto my clothes.

It’s fair to say that yogurt and I have not been the best of friends in recent years. But now my daughter is a bit older (she’ll be four in September) and her table habits have improved, I’ve started to get a bit adventurous with puddings. Including yogurt!

So I’m embracing Yogurt Week – happening between 19th and 25th May, it is a celebration of all things yogurt. Lots of bloggers have been asked to share a yogurt recipe in time for Yogurt Week – check out this roast aubergine and pomegranate salad by Alice at More Than Toast, proving there are so many ways you can enjoy yogurt – it’s versatile, convenient and a great food staple for the family.

The recipe I’m sharing is one that my mum has created and makes at pretty much every family party (and Christmas too). “It’s easy to prepare,” says my mum. “It creates no fuss, can be made at the last minute or made on the day before and covered and stored in the fridge!”

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The 8 Stages Of Blogging Awards


Every time another set of blogging awards comes around again, bloggers everywhere go through a range of stages and emotions…

1. Nominations announcement. This is met by a flurry of excitement by the blogger. Another blogger awards! ‘Could I possibly win?’ thinks the blogger.

2. Filling in the nominations form. Blogger’s mind goes blank. Um, which blogs do I read again? Blogger checks Twitter feed to jog memory. Clicks onto Bloglovin’. Looks at RSS feed then blogger remembers they have no idea what an RSS feed even is.

3. Still filling in nominations form. Blogger gets tired and hungry. Wonders if it takes everyone else two hours to complete the form. Blogger can’t quite remember why one blog is a favourite. Types ‘is nice to me on Twitter’ as reason for nomination.

4. Canvassing nominations. Blogger tweets and posts on Facebook, asking for nominations for their blog. Blogger realises that only Mum and Auntie Sue will probably be bothered to do so. Blogger hopes that some genuine nominations will be cast their way. Self doubt sets in. ‘Does anyone read my blog?’ thinks the blogger. Continue reading