Podcast #38: Kara Spencer On Life Raising Her Disabled Son

Kara Spencer is one of those amazing women whose day to day life is a huge challenge, but she just gets on with it, often with a smile on her face. Kara’s son Grayson was born with brain damage and he also has a genetic condition that is so rare, it’s yet to be diagnosed, nine years later. Kara and her husband Ashley care for Grayson, along with their two younger children, dealing with everything that life throws at them.

I wanted to chat to Kara about her journey as a mum to a disabled son with special needs – how it has affected her, how she dealt with the emotional side of being told her son had brain damage and a genetic condition, how it affects her relationship with Ashley but also the dynamics of raising their two younger children too.

Kara blogs at Innocent Charms Chats and you can follow her on Instagram – plus her second account all about Grayson – Raising A Superhero – is here.

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  1. Ashley
    August 23, 2018 / 9:25 pm

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing this podcast with Kara, I was already very proud of her as she is an incredible woman, mother, wife and friend but this has just reiterated how amazing she is.

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