Retro Wrist Candy

A recent conversation with friends on Facebook led us to reminisce about the fashion from our childhoods. We pretty much all wore shell suits, bum bags, t-shirts with Kylie Minogue on them, and we thought it was a real treat if our mums bought us something from the market (the market had SUCH COOL stuff!)

The other must-have item back then (I’m talking circa 1990 here) was a Pop Swatch. Any Swatch watch was cool but the Pop Swatch was extra lust-worthy…

Pop swatch love!

It had a fabric strap, was always bright jazzy colours (yep, I just said ‘jazzy’) and the BEST BIT: the watch face popped right out! And you could even take the plastic clip off the strap and attach it to your t-shirt. Although I never actually did this.

In the days when my biggest aspiration was to be just like Six from TV Show Blossom, the Pop Swatch was everything to me. I was so happy to get one for my birthday one year.

Nowadays, my taste in watches is a bit more discreet. And actually Swatch still make bright watches, but they also do some really lovely ‘grown up’ watches too. This one is a favourite – it’s £68 from The Watch Hut at the moment.

White Swatch watch - nice, isn't it?

It’s got a bit of personality, and would look lovely strapped to my wrist whether I was dressed smartly in the office or slumming it in the park, getting some sun while my three-year-old played on the slide.

Should I treat myself?


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