You should totally paint your bedroom blue (and definitely not red)

I could waste hours on Pinterest. In years gone by, I’d bookmark home inspiration photos on my laptop’s browser, but when it came to me planning a room’s new look, I would invariably then not be able to find that one¬†particular photo I’d bookmarked. Yep, as annoying as discovering you’ve put a tissue in the washing machine and all your clothes have teeny tiny pieces tissue on them. (VERY.)

And with Pinterest, you can perv on all the home inspiration pics your friends are loving too. Result.

I’m thinking about redecorating my dining room. Since we moved in (er, three years ago) it’s remained white-walled and unexciting. At the moment, it’s more of a play area than a dining room, so using some bright colours would work, but nothing too child-like as it’s open plan through to our living room (our “grown up” area in the evenings). Doing a bit of research into colours threw up some interesting stuff.

Red raises energy levels and heart rates, so not great for a bedroom, but potentially ideal for a dining room-come-play area.

Yellow is energising and communicates happiness – sounds good to me.

Blue is relaxing and actually slows the heart rate – we should basically all paint our bedrooms blue, then.

Green is restful and promotes togetherness – good for a dining room, perhaps not so good for a play area.

Red rooms, energy levels, Pinterest

yellow decor, pinterest, energising

blue room, calming, Pinterest

green decor, restful, Pinterest

That’s decided then – yellow for the dining room. And I’ve just convinced myself to repaint my bedroom blue too. *Starts browsing luxury bedroom furniture*

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