The Twelve Mums Of Christmas: Mumazine’s Sam Mann

You might know the next mum in my Twelve Mums Of Christmas series from her showbiz reporter role on Capital FM or her stints on This Morning, but Sam Mann’s current labour of love is Mumazine – a new website by mums for mums which has contributions from the likes of Sarah Cawood, Alison Hammond, Mel Sykes and Liz Earle. “I set up Mumazine in late 2012,” says Sam. “Having travelled the globe interviewing everyone from Tom Hanks to Angelina Jolie, it was time to settle down when my daughter April came along in 2010. I was keen to find a place where like-minded mums or mums-to-be could hang out during cracker snacks, nappy changes or during night feeds for a mixture of fun, facts and friendship thrown in for good measure (try saying that on two hours sleep).”

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Here, Sam talks about how much she loves being a mum…

Sam, how would you describe your life as a mum in three words?

“Fulfilling, eventful and happy”

How does it compare to your pre-mum life?

“I feel much more content than I did before April came along. My priorities have changed – I’ll pass on shopping and partying any day to spend time with my little girl.”

Did you have anything on your ‘pre-baby bucket list’ like trips across the world or getting to a certain level in your career?

“I’ve been very lucky that my work has taken me to some fantastic places and I’ve experienced some amazing things. There are things now that I wish I’d done before becoming a mum. I’d love to visit India and spend time in a yoga retreat. I couldn’t do it now though, not because I haven’t got anyone to look after April – her dad and grandparents would happily look after her, but because I’d spend the whole time wanting to be back home with April.”

What tips can you pass on mums-to-be and new mums?

”Enjoy your time before baby comes – pamper yourself and visit the cinema while its still affordable! Add £30 onto the already extortionate ticket price and it really does become a once in a blue moon treat. Also when baby arrives, trust your instincts – you will usually be right.”

Sam Mann, Mumazine, Sam and April,

What ‘got you through’ the first few months of being a new mum? 

“Believe it or not, I actually loved the first few months, I do wish that I could have bottled those lovely hormones that keep you going even when you have had no sleep whatsoever. I’d be very rich flogging that stuff! There were plenty of tea and cakes consumed with my NCT girls too.”

What was the most important thing you learned as a new mum?

“That my mum and dad are right when they say enjoy life because time flies. It’s not until you have this little thing in front of you developing by the minute that you really how fast they grow up.”

In hindsight, is there anything you’d do differently?

“I wouldn’t do anything differently – I was fairly chilled out. I count myself extremely lucky that I never felt totally sleep deprived and despite a couple of tough days at the start, breastfeeding was easy for me.”

Sam Mann, Mumazine, Sam and April,

What’s been the stand-out moment of being a mum?

“April makes my heart ache every single day. I can’t describe how happy I feel when she tells me that she loves me unprompted and hugs me so tight like she can’t get enough of me.”

Lastly, what’s your favourite family Christmas tradition?

“Each year the whole family go to a Christingle service at church where we sing and light candles – it’s the perfect way to get into the festive spirit.”


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