Too old for Topshop

Ah Topshop....

I clearly remember the moment I realised I was too old for Topshop. It was like being hit by a tonne of bricks.

Everything seemed too trendy for me. It was a strange feeling, having worked five minutes walk from their flagship Oxford Circus store for years, and having visited it during my lunch hour at least once a week.

I still visit Topshop every now and then. I really want to find things I like – perhaps I subconsciously want to feel young and on-trend – but it’s no use. I mean, can you honestly see a 32-year-old mum wearing any of these…

Festival chic?

Even worse, I really should be moving on to shop at places like Reiss and Whistles, shouldn’t I? That’s where 30-somethings in the media shop. But no. My first stop on the high street nowadays is good old Dorothy Perkins. I just love it. They stock items that nod to the trends that the super-talented fashion editors tell us about without making me feel like a fraud who’s trying to be something I’m not.

Some of my favourite things in-store at the moment are….

These mustard platforms

This colour block shift

This Missoni-inspired maxi

So there. I said it. My name is Alison and I LOVE DOROTHY PERKINS.



  1. Kimbo
    June 10, 2011 / 8:21 pm

    Love the colour block dress. I can just see you in those heels!

  2. June 16, 2011 / 1:07 pm

    hi Alison, I saw your post on Brit Mums about would everyone know each other at CyberMummy – so I thought I’d pop over an say hi and have a look around – am thrilled to bits to find Bromley mentioned – I used to live opposite the Sainsbury’s at Bromely North in the one way system. Was trying to work out where the photo was. I am in the North of England now. Anyhow, loved the post about meeting mums in random places, for me that has sort of stopped as my sons got older maybe other mums with toddlers can’t face more toddlers in their lives (I can understand that).
    Now Topshop – I am well over 40 (so you will be able to find me at CyberMummy as the old one) and I still shop at Topshop must say I love it, but not as much as Zara. I love it that you proudly love Dorothy Perkins – I am still trying to get into it DP, but love both outfits you’ve picked out. Wish I could afford Whistle and Reiss! Great to find you. Find me on twitter and say hello and hopefully, I will see you at Cybermummy and trust me – you will be fine.

  3. stilettosandprams
    June 16, 2011 / 2:56 pm

    Funny I myself have been very anti-Dotty P’s Dorothy Perkins) in the past – but I had a look in there this week (I was with my mother) and actually saw some very on-trend pieces at good prices.
    I am still a huge TopShop fan, but depending on what branch you go into – you see a selection of clothes that nobody over 17 could wear, let alone a thirty-something like me… On the high street Warehouse continues to churn out elegant collections.

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