Sophie the Giraffe: where do you stand?


When a friend first told me, back in October, about ‘THE must-have baby toy of 2010’, I’ll admit, my pulse quickened a bit. And it was only a matter of weeks before I’d bought a Sophie the Giraffe from John Lewis.

But I kind of hated myself for it. I wish I was the kind of mum who ignored trends, but this proved to me that I’m not. I hated myself a bit more when, come April, Sophie was found at the bottom of the toy box, where she’d been for months.

In the last few weeks, though, she’s been played with loads, and she’s become a firm favourite. I feel better now, knowing that she’s not just a silly trend, she’s been popular for 50 years for a reason.

(OK, OK, I’m still pathetic for buying one so quickly.)


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