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Since going on maternity leave nine months ago, my brain has been buzzing with ideas and inventions. It’s like it refuses to believe that its sole purpose this year is to welcome a baby into the world.

In my head, I’ve invented numerous baby products (need a bib storage device? I’m your lady. Want something to attach to the wall to entertain your baby while it’s being changed? Me too. Wish there was a device to rock your pram to save you from using your foot? I’ve designed it) but I’m no ‘mumpreneur’ so the baby world will have to wait for someone else to invent them.

So when I came up with the idea of a Twitter account that simply gives mums a tip every day, and suggested it to the editorial team at Mother & Baby magazine, I was dead chuffed when they created the account.

Check out http://www.twitter.com/dailymumtip



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