Podcast: Shakira Akabusi on Health, Fitness & Wellbeing in Motherhood

This is an episode of two parts! My guest – the brilliant Shakira Akabusi – and I recorded our chat back in December 2019. The episode didn’t go out back then because I’d just finished a podcast series and had a big writing project to knuckle down to, so it stayed tucked away on my laptop for over five months. In that time though, mum of two Shakira and ante-natal/post-natal fitness expert, announced that she’s pregnant again…. with twins!

So a few days ago, we caught up for another chat.

In the first part of the episode, Shakira talks to me about the problems we – in our society – have when it comes to talking about exercise and health, we delve into why so many new mums are desperate to get their pre-baby body back and Shakira tells me why she doesn’t have a problem with people having a physical health goal like getting back into a certain size of jeans. We also chat about how growing up being the daughter of Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi influenced and affected her.

In the second part of our chat, Shakira tells me what her twin pregnancy has been like so far, how it’s affected her health and how she feels about very possibly giving birth during lockdown.

We cover a lot of ground and even if you’re not pregnant or a new mum, there’s so much in our chat that I hope you’ll find useful.

Check out Shakira’s website Strong Like Mum and follow her on Instagram.

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