Podcast: Anna Mathur on Anxiety in Motherhood

It’s a brand new series and things are kicking off with psychotherapist Anna Mathur – the eagle eyed among you might recognise her because Anna was a guest on the recent mini series about family life in lockdown. She’s back to talk about her new book Mind Over Mother, Every Mum’s Guide to Worry and Anxiety in the First Year.

Mum of three Anna was inspired to write her brilliant book following her own experience with post natal depression and hopes it will help mums enjoy parenting without feeling overwhelmed by some of the worry and anxiety that motherhood can bring.

In this episode, Anna and I delve into some of the things that can cause this worry – like listening to that negative voice inside us telling us we’re not doing a good job & comparing ourselves to other parents online. Anna talks about some of the reactions we commonly have to anxiety, and shares some coping strategies.

We also touch on the seemingly conflicting notions of giving yourself permission to talk about bad days and struggling with parenthood, but at the same time being aware of privilege.

You can order Anna’s book here and follow her on Instagram. Her popular Reframing Anxiety course can be found here and her podcast The Therapy Edit, which is ten minute snippets of mental health support, is really worth a listen.

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