Podcast: Kate Lawler on The BIG Decision Of Whether To Become A Mum

Deciding whether to try for a baby is SUCH a big thing. Are we ready? How will our lives change? Do we really want this or are we just doing it because our friends are? Many people know, from an early age, that they don’t want to be a parent, and my guest on this episode felt this way for all of her adult life, until she met her fiancé Boj and now she is really unsure about it all.

Kate Lawler is the drivetime presenter on Virgin Radio, famous for winning Big Brother 3 all those years ago, and the happy ‘mum’ of two dogs. Along with Boj, she’s hosting a podcast series called Maybe Baby which follows the couple’s journey to discover more about becoming parents. Boj is keen – Kate, not so much!

I chat to Kate about what her fears are, what made her change her mind when she met Boj, and how she changes her mind daily about whether she wants to do it or not. We also talk about why it’s still considered ‘odd’ that a woman might not want to have a baby.

You can listen to Maybe Baby here and you can follow Kate on Instagram. I know I’ll be following her journey with interest!

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