Podcast #19: Rosie Nixon on the Importance of Self-Care

Alison Perry, Rosie NixonHow do you look after yourself, as a mum? For some people, it’s about getting to the gym or eating leafy greens, but for me it’s about spending quality time with friends who recharge my batteries, listening to my favourite podcasts, planning in lots of evenings where I can wear my PJs and watch Netflix, and drinking lots of water. My guest, in this episode, Rosie Nixon favours gym classes and getting her nails done – and we also discuss why it’s important, as a mum, to carve out that time for self-care.

Rosie is the editor-in-chief of Hello magazine, the author of two best-selling novels, The Stylist and Amber Green Takes Manhattan and a mum of two – to be honest, it’s a wonder she has any time left to herself! But she does, and it was brilliant to chat to her about juggling work with family and making time for herself too.

Hit play, below, to listen – or head to Apple Podcasts or Acast.

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