Podcast #18: Jo Tutchener-Sharp On Facing Death & Being Inspired By It

Most of us can’t imagine ever having to say goodbye to our children, not knowing if we’ll ever see them again, but my guest on this episode, Jo Tutchener-Sharp, had to do that when she went into hospital for an operation following a brain haemorrhage. Chatting to Jo about what that was like, I could hear the heartbreak in her voice as she remembered that moment. But Jo survived the surgery and when she was recovering, in hospital, she came up with a business idea that would help children who are separated from their parents, either because of a hospital stay like Jo, or just because of work or circumstance.

Her business, Scamp & Dude, has been a roaring success, with the kids and grown ups’ clothing being sold in Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Scamp & Dude also sell Superhero Sleep Buddies – a special cushion that watches over a child – and for every one sold another is donated to a vulnerable child who needs a Superhero to have their back, via the charities Don’t Forget the Kids and Grief Encounter.

Jo’s story is inspiring and it’s amazing to hear how she turned such an awful experience into something that helps so many people. Hit play below to listen, and you can subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcasts or Acast.

Music: Epidemic Sound


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