The 5 Best Things About Becoming A Mum


1. You get to annoy all your non-parent friends by posting daily updates on Facebook about your child’s virus/toilet habits/tantrum. Do them a favour, and let them know about this app.

2. You have a legitimate excuse for that slightly rounded tum of yours. “Well, I’m a mum. I’ve had a baby. I’m clearly not going to have as flat a tummy as Laura/Sarah/Rebecca has.” Pass me a chocolate Hobnob…

3. You have the best excuse ever (ever) for refusing a lame-sounding night out. “Oh, you’re going to watch that new Jennifer Aniston romcom movie followed by overpriced cocktails at Manhattanzz? Shame. I’d love to come, but we can’t get a babysitter.”

4. You get to go on the swings and slide at the park. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it!

5. You get to munch the leftover fish fingers/sausages/shepherd’s pie that your child has left on their plate, as an appetiser to your grown-up dinner. Takes me right back to childhood lunches at the Little Chef. (Also: see point two.)

Have I missed any out? Add them below, and then check out my post on The Worst 5 Things About Becoming A Mum.


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