Special Podcast Episode! OMG It’s Twins: Sophie Burch on Being A Twin Mum and Preparing For A Multiple Birth

There’s little that will prepare you for the moment you hear the words:  “You’re having twins!” You might feel shocked, delighted, scared, horrified, amused – or a mixture of all of the above. 

As a twin mum myself, I’ve got first-hand experience with the emotional rollercoaster of having two babies at once and I wanted to write a book which will guide parents from the moment they find out, through the pregnancy, birth and beyond. Excitingly, my book OMG It’s Twins is here and available to buy from bookshops. Filled with gorgeous illustrations by Veronica Dearly and easy to digest chapters, this is the book for anyone who is expecting, or has just welcomed, two little bundles of joy. 

But of course, I don’t know it all, so when writing the book, I interviewed a whole raft of experts, from midwives, psychotherapists to nutritionists, parenting experts, as well as getting  helpful anecdotes from other twin mums, and for this episode of the podcast I wanted to chat to one of those experts – Sophie Burch. Sophie is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner,  a pregnancy and birth coach and author of The Beyond Birth Guide which aims to educate and empower. She’s also a twin mum! So it was brilliant to chat to Sophie about her experiences and the techniques she teaches as a pregnancy and birth coach.

Check out Sophie at The Mamma Coach, buy The Beyond Birth Guide and follow her on Instagram.

OMG It’s Twins is available to buy now on hardback or Kindle.

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