Podcast: Stuart Heritage on How Fatherhood Is Perceived & Portrayed

On this episode I welcome Stuart Heritage as my guest. Stuart is a dad of two and when his first son was just a few hours old, Stuart started writing a column about fatherhood for The Guardian. Since then he’s written for Esquire, The Times and lots of other newspapers, magazines and websites. His writing on fatherhood is just as likely to make you smile and laugh as it will make you reflect on your own experiences of parenting.

Stuart’s latest project is writing a children’s picture book Jonathan The Magic Pony, which has been brilliantly illustrated by Nicola Slater. It’s a lovely, funny, story about a rubbish magician. 

Stuart chats to me about what inspired him to write the book and we also chat about how fatherhood is portrayed – both by writers like him but also in children’s TV shows like Peppa Pig. He talks about being a hands-on dad and the amazement and praise he receives when he’s spotted out with his sons, yet (surprise surprise) his wife Robyn doesn’t get the same comments.  

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