Podcast: Remi Sadé on Being A Single Mum

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Now onto this episode….

What do you think about, when you hear the term ‘single mum’? My guest on this episode thinks we’ve got a long way to go, when it comes to how single mums are represented and talked about.

Remi Sadé is a writer and podcaster who, age 22 and during her first year of university, became pregnant. Fast forward three years and she is a single mum, raising her daughter. She talks to me about her experiences, from putting herself through A Levels age 21 and while working, getting into uni, and about having ante-natal depression and post-natal depression following a traumatic birth. This lady has been through a lot.

You can follow Remi on Instagram, listen to the podcast she co-hosts Alright For A Mum and check out her writing here. You can also listen to the BBC Woman’s Hour episode she appears on, and mentions, here.

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