Podcast: Molly Forbes On Raising Body Happy Kids

On this episode I chat to Molly Forbes, the author of Body Happy Kids and a mum of two. Molly was a guest on the podcast a few years ago, when she was a host on the Channel 4 show Naked Beach, which shone a light on the body insecurities that many of us have and helped people to overcome them.

Since then, Molly has set up social enterprise Body Happy Org, has been campaigning to ban diet club adverts around and near schools and using her voice to help others raise our kids in a body happy way.

We talk about what’s causing children as young as three to feel bad about their bodies, the lack of positive representation of different body shapes in books and the media and how to talk to our kids about their appearance and body issues.

We also touch upon helping our kids foster a healthy happy relationship with meal times and food, using Ellen Sattyr’s Division of Responsibility and how all of this *waves arms around* is HARD when we were brought up so differently.

You can buy Molly’s book Body Happy Kids herefollow her on Instagram and check out Body Happy Org and their work.

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