Podcast: Emma Brockwell (Physio Mum UK) On Protecting, Healing and Nurturing Your Body When You Give Birth

Postnatal health issues are still being ignored, overlooked, and dismissed by new mums and health professionals who are sadly pushed for time and resources. My guest on this episode –  Emma Brockwell aka Physio Mum UK – is on a mission to empower women and birthing people to seek the help they need and care for themselves postnatally. 

Emma is a Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and the author of the excellent book Why Did No One Tell Me? How to Protect, Heal and Nurture Your Body Through Motherhood which is a guide for women to take control of and protect their changing bodies through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. It might (or might not) surprise you to hear that this is the first handbook from a leading women’s health expert on prenatal and postnatal conditions.

In my chat with Emma, we cover everything from why pelvic health is so important, practical things that you can be doing if you’re pregnant to help with postnatal recovery and how to look after yourself in that fourth trimester and beyond.

It’s a must-listen episode for anyone who is pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or who has recently had a baby.

Buy Emma’s book here and follow her on Instagram here.

This is the last episode of this series but I’ll be back before you know it with series eight (can you believe it’s been eight series already!)

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