Podcast Mini Series: Mars Lord on Pregnancy, Birth & The Post Natal Period During Lockdown

If you’re currently pregnant or have recently given birth, being in lockdown and dealing with the restrictions put in place by the NHS is very possibly making an already challenging time even harder.

In this episode, I talk to doula Mars Lord about how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. Mars has years of experience supporting women through pregnancy and birth and she is passionate about women having and making informed choices. She says she became a doula because she believes that birth is a wonderful thing and can be a wonderful time. As a mother of five (including twins) she says she knows that even when it doesn’t seem to go the way that we want it to, it can still be an incredible experience. 

Mars is still working as a doula, throughout lockdown, with video calls and messages rather than face to face support, so she knows how tricky things feel for many right now. During our chat, she shares lots of advice and helpful information for pregnant women and those who have just given birth, so it’s worth a listen!

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You can find Mars on Twitter, Instagram and her website. A couple of the websites she mentions on the episode are Birth Rights and RCOG.

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