Podcast Mini Series: Daisy Upton (aka Five Minute Mum) on Keeping Your Kids Busy & Happy

It’s currently six weeks since schools closed in the UK and parents everywhere have been doing a stellar job at keeping their children busy, happy and learning stuff. But it’s HARD, right?! Especially – I think – for parents of kids aged 2-5. Older kids can often keep themselves busy (not always though!) but younger ones usually need a bit more one on one attention and time. Which lots of us don’t have right now!

So, my guest on this episode, is here to help. Daisy Upton – aka Five Minute Mum – is an author and blogger who specialises in coming up with easy, fun games for little kids that are quick to set up and can give you five minutes to drink that cuppa / hang up the laundry / get some work done.

In our chat, she shares her golden rule of play and tells me the one thing she always turns to when she needs five minutes and hasn’t got time to set anything up.

Check out Daisy’s blog, order her book Give Me Five and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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