Podcast Mini Series: Anna Mathur on Reframing Anxiety & Mental Health

The podcast is back but blimey, how are you doing? It’s a funny old time, isn’t it? We’re all navigating this new lockdown life so this mini series will see all of this *gestures wildly around* being discussed in the hope that it brings a bit of support, comfort and insight into the experiences of others. We’re all going through the same thing at the moment, yet it’s affecting everyone in different ways, so hopefully these episodes will shine a light on some things and provide food for thought.

I’ll be chatting to people, covering areas like home education, keeping kids busy and happy at home, key workers providing emergency charity support for the vulnerable, what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth right now and more.

But the mini series is kicking off with Anna Mathur – a brilliantly insightful psychotherapist who does great work providing mental health advice on Instagram, told through her own experiences. Anna talks to me about her own experience of lockdown, with three young children, but also shares some great coping mechanisms and reassuring words for anyone who’s finding elements of this hard (so that’s pretty much all of us then?)

Anna’s debut book Mind Over Mother, Every Mum’s Guide to Worry and Anxiety in the First Year is published in May 2020 and can be pre-ordered now. Her popular Reframing Anxiety course can be found here and her podcast The Therapy Edit, which is ten minute snippets of mental health support, is worth a listen.

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