Podcast: Maisie Hill On Perimenopause And Our Hormones

This episode is essential listening if you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s. Which sounds like I’m really bigging myself up, but it’s my guest, not me, who is delivering all of the wisdom.

Maisie Hill is a women’s health practitioner, author and podcaster who is doing everything she can to spread the word about perimenopause and getting us in tune with our menstrual cycles. Her latest book Perimenopause Power is a guide to that transition into menopause, packed with information and helpful advice. Reading it opened my eyes and spurred me on to speak to a menopause specialist about my own symptoms.

On this episode, Maisie tells me why perimenopause needs to be more widely discussed – and from a younger age – and what women in their 20s can be doing to help their health when perimenopause hits. She’s a great guest with lots of useful explanations and helpful tips. Once you’ve listened, share this episode with a friend to get the conversation going with as many people as possible!

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