Podcast: Lauren Derrett on Not Enjoying Being A Mum And How We Can Aim For A Filter Free Life

My guest on this episode is Lauren Derrett, the author of Filter Free, a book in which she shares the stories of women who have experienced adversity – covering amongst other things, domestic abuse, miscarriage, divorce and rape. Lauren is also a mentor, the host of the Life Unfiltered podcast, founder of the This Girl Is Enough community and she is a mum of four children and two step-children. 

Lauren chats to me about the fact that she doesn’t enjoy motherhood – she tells me why she is happy to admit this and why she has so many kids for someone who doesn’t enjoy motherhood!

We also talk about the filters we put onto life – how we make things look glossier on social media and the effect that seeking validation through likes can have. Lauren shares some strong opinions on how people behave online, especially when drama escalates and people can be tempted to pile on and publicly slag off someone. 

You can buy Lauren’s book here, check out her This Girl Is Enough community here, listen to her podcast here and follow her over on Instagram!

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