Podcast: Hollie McNish on Being Honest About Parenthood

The seventh series of Not Another Mummy Podcast kicks off with the brilliant Hollie McNish as my guest. Hollie is an award-winning poet and writer, with books like Nobody Told Me and Plum and loads of sell-out live shows under her belt.

Hollie is a mum of one and lots of her poetry is about motherhood – warts and all. Her new book, though, Slug… And Other Things I’ve Been Told To Hate is about birth, death and everything in between.

Hollie talks to me about what lockdown was like for her as a solo parent, why she worries what the other mums at school think of her poetry and how she feels about sharing some of her innermost thoughts with the world. She tells me what it was like when her poem Embarrassed went viral and we chat about why it’s so ridiculous that the culture we live in has made so many mums (us included) feel embarrassed to breastfeed in coffee shops.

You can buy Slug here and follow Hollie on Twitter and Instagram.

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