Podcast: Eve Rodsky On Rebalancing Emotional Labour

Do you have total equality in the home? Do you manage to divide domestic and childcare tasks fairly between you and your partner? If your answers are yes, you get a massive gold star and you don’t need to listen to this episode of the podcast! If, however, you feel like things are a bit imbalanced and one of you does a lot more than your fair share, this episode is for you.

My guest this week is Eve Rodsky, who embarked on a seven year research project after she realised that there is a massive imbalance in most homes, with the woman often bearing the brunt of the domestic tasks and childcare duties, regardless of whether she has a job outside of the home. So Eve created a game which will revolutionise how you allocate these tasks, and in her book Fair Play, she talks through how the game works, and how it will help you.

In this episode – her only podcast interview while visiting the UK –  I chat to Eve about why this is such a problem for women and how the Fair Play game works.

Buy Fair Play here, and read more about Eve on her website. You can also download Fair Play cards here.

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