Podcast: Binky Felstead On Being Mum Shamed

I’m thrilled to welcome Binky Felstead onto the podcast this week! Binky shot to fame when she appeared on TV show Made In Chelsea and two years ago, she became a mum to her daughter India.

It was so lovely to chat to Binky and we covered a lot of ground – her parenting style, how she’s keen to have a relaxed approach but with fairly strict boundaries and what she thinks she’s learned from her own mum – the good and the bad! 

We talk about her new relationship with her partner Max, and how she’s navigated that, as a mum. Binky also tells me about her experiences of being mum shamed  – something so many of us have experienced, whether it’s a social media comment from someone being a bit snooty about you giving your kid fish fingers, or how much screen time they’re having. 

You can follow Binky on Instagram, check out her Mummy Tribe retreats and take a look at the Bubble babysitting app she mentions.

Here’s a link to the blog post I mention, on kids using tech and parental controls.

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