Podcast #40: Emma Cantrell On Talking To Your Kids About Privilege And The World Around Them

It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and exist in a little bubble where you don’t think about the wider world – the struggles others are facing every day – but my guest on the podcast today not only actively helps others in her day job and spare time, but she has made it her mission to talk to her children about it all too.

Emma Cantrell is Chief Executive of SSNAP (Support for Sick Newborns and Their Parents) at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, a charity which provides emotional and practical support to parents, provides life saving equipment for the Neonatal Care Unit and funds research to improves the lives of babies in the hospital’s NCU. In her spare time, Emma runs First Days, a charity which provides equipment and clothing for families living in poverty.

On the podcast, I ask Emma about how her work impacts on her parenting (spoiler: it does, in a big way) and she talks about how she discusses issues like poverty, inequality, homelessness and politics with her kids – and how she regularly makes them aware of their own privilege.

You can check out First Days here, find out more about SSNAP and follow Emma on Instagram.

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