Podcast #15: Susie Verrill on Judgement

“I’m not being judgey but…” is something my latest podcast guest Susie Verrill was criticised for saying a lot on Instagram Stories, and it’s probably fair to say we can all be a bit judgemental from time to time. As parents, we’ve probably all felt judged more than a few times too – even if it’s actually all in our heads sometimes.

So judgement seemed like a good topic to discuss with Susie, who as a blogger, Insta Mum and partner of athlete Greg Rutherford, has had her fair share of judgement.

We had a slight technical hitch with this episode recording, thanks to my laptop giving up and wiping half an hour of it, but like the true professionals we are, we recorded the episode from scratch.

Hit play below to listen, or you can listen (and subscribe) on iTunes or Acast!

Music: Epidemic Sound



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