Why it’s important to give our kids the flu vaccine

Last week, we took the four-year-old for her flu vaccination. It’s her first one – last year she was allergic to eggs so couldn’t have it (the nasal vaccination has egg in it, fact fans) but I wasn’t in the least bit nervous about taking her. Why? Well firstly, I think it’s hugely important that we vaccinate our kids for everything that the NHS advises and secondly because when I took her for her pre-school MMR booster a few months ago (which was an actual needle, FYI, not a nasal spray) she didn’t even flinch.

Hard as nails, my daughter. But I also put her ability to sit calmly while a nurse vaccinates her down to the genius of one man – Dr Ranj. On the morning of her pre-school booster jab, I’ll admit, I was feeling stressed about it. So I sat my daughter down in front of the iPad and found the episode of CBeebies show Get Well Soon where Dr Ranj covers injections. She watched it, we chatted about it, and she was fine. It was AMAZING. Like some kind of magic spell.

Since her flu vaccination last week, she has been snotty and bunged up – a side effect the nurse mentioned might happen – but I’m so glad we took her, rather than ignoring the letter from the GP clinic, offering the free vaccine.

Dr Ranj, who works as a paediatrician, also feels strongly that children should receive all of the vaccinations they need, to help protect them from nasty illnesses. He has filmed this short documentary on why it’s important…

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    Ah i need mine may give his video a watch myself!

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