Bloggers’ favourite Christmas traditions

Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed 12 mums for my Twelve Mums Of Christmas series, and one question that I asked each one was ‘What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?’

I loved finding out what different families do – it made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside, and gave me lovely ideas of things I might introduce with my toddler. So to carry on the festive cheer, I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers what their favourite tradition is…

Kelly from Domestic Goddesque says…“By the time Christmas Eve comes, I’m usually exhausted with the whole idea. So I always take a moment once The Girls are in bed. I make mulled wine which DH and I sip together whilst listening to carols and I don’t go to bed until I am excited once again, and eager to go to sleep so that Santa will come faster!”

Domestic Goddesque, mulled wine


Rachel from Mummylicious Beauty says… “Once you leave home and start your own family it means starting your own Christmas traditions as well. We’ve lived in South East London for the last five years and for some reason it’s become part of our Christmas ritual to have a nice pub lunch on Lordship Lane in East Dulwich before wandering up and down the high street choosing which Christmas tree we want to buy. Every year they get slightly bigger and more extravagant – with this Christmas our best effort yet – we have an 7ft beauty in our living room! This year it seemed even more special because Anya, 18 months, was able to help us decorate the tree (which I have since redecorated about 20 times a day since thanks to her fascination with baubles!)”


Mummylicious Beauty, Rachel Gilbert, Christmas tree


Louise from Get Lippy says…“Our families live at opposite ends of the country, so we spend Christmas with one family or another, indulging in their traditions, but, once we finally get to our own place, we like to hibernate a little bit.  Some good wine, a few seasonal candles, and a box-set of DVDs is how we escape from the world. This year we’ve selected a couple of bottles of Eiswein and all five series of Six Feet Under, something we both missed on TV, as we both like to do our catch-up watching in one massive binge! Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out like the year we watched all four series of The Wire and could only communicate in four letter words till Easter …”

Get Lippie, bloggers' Christmas traditions


Annie from Mammasaurus says… “I’m not one for festive traditions on the whole, every year things seem to be done slightly differently. Come to think of it we didn’t have may traditions at Christmas as a child either. But there is one thing I do every Chrizzle without fail – declare ‘Death to Chocolate Oranges’. Hands up, I’ll admit, it’s not the fluffiest of traditions but one I look forward to immensely. You see for me, chocolate and orange is a flavour combination that should have never been allowed to happened and it’s my festive duty to quaff a glass of Baileys at Yuletide and annihilate a choccy orange. Over the past four years they have met their maker via hammer, saw and my personal favourite – hollowed in the centre and pushed on to a firework which is then lit. This year? Death by chainsaw! Ho ho ho!”


Mamasaurus, Christmas, chocolate orange


Alyson from That’s Not My Age says…“Mine is drinking mulled wine at a local pub. They do a top-notch version with added cinnamon stick, that’s delicious – and a bit dangerous. It’s just one of our local pubs, The Hermit’s Cave. Nothing fancy, but special!”


Alyson, That's Not My Age, mulled wine, Christmas


Ellie from The Mumday Times says… “Every year, we decorate the big staircase in the communal hallway of the house that our flat is in. My mum always used to decorate our staircase when I was little and it makes a really nice twinkly welcome when people arrive. My girls get so excited when we decorate the stairs. I think it’s because it’s the sign that Christmas really is here! The other people living in the building love the decorations too. I usually gather ivy and wind it round the bannisters but this time I’ve used offcuts from our Christmas tree and loads of baubles from the pound shop.”

Mumday Times, Ellie Crompton, Christmas traditions


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  1. December 28, 2012 / 10:21 am

    Lovely to read of others traditions – now where is Domestic Goddesque with that mulled wine ?!

    Thanks for having me x

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