A Warm And Practical Christmas Party Outfit

Like many families, we alternate spending Christmas between the grandparents – my in-laws are in Kent and my parents up in Scotland. But this year, we’re taking the big step of hosting a family Boxing Day buffet (I know, it’s ridiculous that at age 34, I’ve never done this before.  There’s something about Christmas that makes me revert back to being a child and I like being looked after…) Then we’ll be heading up to Scotland for Hogmanay. Woop!

So with that in mind, I’ve been looking for a few festive outfits for Grace. She usually lives in leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts. If I try to put her in anything too frilly, she’ll refuse and I can forget about putting tights on her, so most dresses and shorts are out of the question in this cold weather.

The F&F website has a huge choice of kids’ clothing. Between you and me, I was more impressed with their boys’ selection than their girls’ (look at this super cute outfit bought by fellow blogger Charlotte) but after a thorough look, I picked up a lovely black and white checked tunic (the leather-look details remind me of a kilt) with long sleeved tee that goes underneath. To keep her legs warm without the hysterical battle that would ensue, should I buy tights for her to wear, I bought some cosy grey knitted leggings. Black quilted patent boots complete the Christmas party outfit – smart and shiny enough for a party but practical and warm too. Win.

Tesco girls' party outfit

Clothing At Tesco leggings and boots Tesco girls' tunic dress

While I was browsing the Tesco website, their range of festive knits caught my eye. They didn’t have many in age 3-4 but luckily they did have this sweet penguin jumper (love the pom pom on his bobble hat) which I snapped up, along with some black and red tartan leggings. Worn with the black patent boots, this will make a great dressed down party outfit (and perfect for Boxing Day.)

Boxing Day outfit from Tesco


Now, all we need is the Michael Bublé album on repeat and it will really feel like Christmas…

This post was written in association with F&F who gave me £50 to spend online for the purpose of this post. Thanks F&F!


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  1. November 23, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    What a cute outfit! Especially love the jumper. Our little one also refuses to wear tights… She also lives in leggings and long sleeve tops. Despite our best efforts to get her into a pretty party dress, she just will not! Although she did declare just this week that, “Mummy I’m going to wear my Sleeping Beauty dress!” So off I walked to pre-school, holding Aurora’s hand!

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