8 Podcasts You Need In Your Life

Everyone I know seems to be split into three categories: 1. Been listening to podcasts for ages 2. Just recently discovered podcasts and loving them 3. Haven’t listened to a podcast yet but keep meaning to investigate them.

Well whichever category you’re in (or even if you’re in a fourth category of “What’s a podcast?”) hopefully this will be a post you’ll want to bookmark (is bookmarking still a thing or does everyone just pin posts to Pinterest now, for future reading?)

I’m in category two, having spent all of last year firmly in category three. I am properly obsessed with podcasts and get such joy in discovering a new one. My preferred podcast listening time is when I’m driving in the car alone (there’s no way I’d get to listen with the six-year-old in the back!) or when I’m ironing, because let’s face it, we need to make ironing a more bearable task, don’t we?

So here are my absolute favourite podcasts – the ones I listen to all the time. But I want to know what YOUR favourites are please, so comment below and tell me!


The Scummy Mummies Podcast – Oh my giddy aunt, this one is funny. Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn are a comedy duo who celebrate being less than perfect at parenting. They interview people from parenting experts to media personalities about everything from important issues to fish fingers. So rude that the BBC made them delete the episode they recorded with Dr Ranj! I binged on the Scummies while on holiday recently and I’m sure everyone else on the beach thought I was bonkers because I was sat there with tears rolling down my face.

My Dad Wrote A Porno – You must have heard of this one… It’s been near the top of the iTunes charts for ages. But just in case you haven’t, My Dad Wrote A Porno follows Jamie Morton – who discovered that his dad did indeed write a dirty book called Belinda Blinked – read said book to the world along with James Cooper and Alice Levine who critique it in a hilarious way. So funny that I nearly had to pull the car over last week while driving through Essex, for fear my hysterical laughter might make me crash.


Being Boss – If you’re a creative entrepreneur, or have desires to be one, then you MUST listen to Being Boss. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon cover topics from comparison and rejection to bravery and finding your voice. They interview amazing people and give brilliant advice in an engaging way.

Make It Happen – another great podcast for creative entrepreneurs. Jen Carrington aims to help listeners build an impactful, fulfilling and sustainable creative life and her advice is spot-on. Episode titles like “On not owning other people’s crap” and “Show up as if you’re already where you want to be” tell you how straight-talking Jen is.


Ctrl: Alt: Delete – If you enjoy listening to interviews with interesting women and the online world fascinates you, then you’ll love Emma Gannon’s podcast. She’s chatted to people like Elizabeth Gilbert, Lena Dunham and Jen Sincero – and through the podcast I’ve discovered so many books and other podcasts that I’ve loved. I was on a panel with Emma at Blogtacular earlier this summer and she was SO lovely in real life.

The Guilty Feminist – I subscribed to this podcast a while ago but hadn’t listened to any episodes until I heard host Deborah Frances-White being interviewed on the Ctrl:Alt:Delete podcast. I LOVED her so much that I immediately had a binge on The Guilty Feminist. Recorded each week in front of a live audience, Deborah discusses the reality of being a modern feminist with guests like Gemma Arterton, David Baddiel and Dawn O’Porter.

Desert Island Discs – This needs no introduction really but in case you haven’t yet got on board with the podcast of the BBC Radio 4 programme, then do it now. I could listen to Kirsty young interview people all day long…

Not Another Mummy Podcast – oh HI! Yes, my own podcast is launching VERY SOON. So if you want to listen to me interview people like Clemmie Hooper, Louise Pentland, Erica Davies and Sarah Turner on parenting topics then subscribe to my newsletter and be one of the first to hear when the podcast launches on iTunes! EDIT: It’s now live! Listen here.



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  1. July 26, 2017 / 12:30 pm

    I love the Magic Lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert – it’s great for encouraging creativity and Liz Gilbert has such a soothing style. Good luck with your podcast, Alison, I’m sure it will be fab!

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