7 Podcast Episodes To Help You During Lockdown

Not Another Mummy Podcast is currently on a break between seasons (and I’ve already got some BRILLIANT guests lined up for the next season including poet Hollie McNish and Pregnant Then Screwed campaigner Joeli Brearley) but last year, I recorded a mini series of episodes specifically to help parents in lockdown.

We’re back in lockdown now and so many people are finding it harder than ever, so now could be the perfect time to listen to these episodes, while you’re out on a walk, or doing the dishes…

Anna Mathur on Reframing Our Anxiety and Mental Health

Adele Jarrett-Kerr on Home Schooling During Lockdown

Emma Cantrell on Being A Key Worker On The Front Line & Running A Charity Food Hub

Mars Lord on Pregnancy, Birth & The Post Natal Period During Lockdown

Daisy Upton (AKA Five Minute Mum) On Keeping Your Kids Busy & Happy

Sunita Harley on The Lack Of Social Interaction During Lockdown

Dr Rangan Chatterjee on Being Happy And Healthy During The Pandemic


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