3 Reasons My Blog Bloomin’ Rocks

I love an awards ceremony. The first one I ever went to was the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party. I was 15 and I’d travelled down to London, from Scotland, with two friends for the weekend. I was beside myself with excitement as we watched Boyzone, Take That and Eternal pick up awards from our favourite pop magazine. Fast forward nine years and I was at the Brit Awards watching Coldplay and Robbie Williams collect gongs for their musical work. A couple of years later, I watched my friend Laura Atkinson win Writer of the Year at the Emap Awards (the internal awards ceremony of the publishing company we worked for then). Two years ago, I picked up a Writer of the Year award myself, at the Gurgle Blog Awards. Lovely Myleene Klass presented it and we chatted afterwards over champers and canapes.

Each moment is a memory for me, and I’m not one of those people who is laid back about awards ceremonies. Whether I’m there as a spectator (loud whooping ensues) or as a contender (nervous wine drinking ensues), I am enthusiastic and very uncool about it all.

So in a typically uncool fashion, I’m going to tell you why you should nominate me for a BiB Award (“A what?” you ask. It stands for Brilliance In Blogging and it’s the annual awards ceremony held by Britmums – the big dudes of parent blogging.)

1. I’m honest and you’ll never read a blog post from me filled with BS. (Oh and I never use phrases like “BS” – who says that?) Instead, you’ll read refreshing posts about what it’s really like to be a mum.

2. My Twelve Mums Of Christmas series saw exclusive interviews with well known mums like Guardian beauty journalist Sali Hughes, television personality Cherry Healey and Mumazine’s Sam Mann. It’s not easy to secure interviews with very busy mums, let alone set yourself the challenge of setting up twelve of these interviews in one month. Yay me.

3. As a reader of my blog, you get a real mix of thought-provoking reads, fashion posts, some beauty bits, travel tips and other stuff in between. If you’re looking for a one-trick-pony blog, this isn’t it.

So, if you enjoy reading my blog, and feel like sharing the love, you can nominate me for a BiB Award. I’m grateful for a nomination in any category, but the ones that make most sense to me are: Writer category, Style category or Lifestyle category. Thank you. Oh, and your hair looks lovely today.

I am amazing covered in awesome sauce




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