Podcast #07: Robyn Wilder On The Highs & Lows Of Social Media

In this episode of Not Another Mummy Podcast, I chat to brilliant journalist Robyn Wilder. She writes features for magazines like ELLE and Grazia, has written for The Guardian and she is the parenting columnist for The Pool. Robyn is mum to two-year-old Herbie and at the time of our chat, she was VERY pregnant (and fed up!) with her second. Since then, she has had her baby – little Ned – so she is most probably currently in a feeding/winding/settling cycle whilst trying to entertain her toddler along with her husband, journalist Stuart Heritage.

We spoke about social media, and the role it has played in her life, as a mum, and we also chatted about mental health, being a feminist when everyone around you is rolling their eyes at you and technology and kids.

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