Why Are Men SO HARD To Buy For?

Around this time of year, one universal thought unites all women.

‘Why are men SO HARD to buy for?’

When I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas, his list was this (no word of a lie):

  1. iTunes vouchers
  2. Amazon Kindle vouchers
  3. Gloves

Which is a) no fun to buy b) not hugely imaginative. So, in the spirit of I-know-my-husband-better-than-he-knows-himself, I’ve ignored his list and bought him other stuff. If you’re looking for last-minute ideas for the man in your life, keep reading. From JD Sports’ range of men”s hoodies to male pampering products, these gifts have some serious style…

gifts for men



gifts for men



Gifts for men

cowshed credit


gifts for men

hoody credit 2




This is a sponsored post, but I do find men impossible to buy for, and that really was my husband’s Christmas list


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